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  • How to read RFID/NFC passes with SpringCard PC/SC couplers

    SpringCard contactless PC/SC couplers (NFC/RFID HF) can be used to read contactless passes carried by NFC smartphones. In particular, the Prox’N’Roll HSP PC/SC and the PUCK configured as PC/SC have been certified : by Apple for reading NFC passes stored in the Apple Wallet application (“Apple VAS” protocol, formerly branded as “PassKit”), by Google for […]

  • SCardSniffer2 spies the exchanges between a PC/SC application and a smart card

    SCardSniffer is a new free tool used to spy (list) all the exchanges between an NFC tag and a Windows application using PC/SC standard.

  • Installing the SpringCore Tools on Windows, macOS and Linux

    SpringCore is the umbrella name to the new generation of SpringCard devices (Puck, SpringPark, etc.) that share the same MCU platform and the same overall architecture. To manage, configure and update these devices, SpringCard has developed SpringCard Companion, a complete and versatile hybrid solution that combines the ergonomics of a modern web application with the […]

  • Getting started with SpringCard Companion

    SpringCard Companion is the new all-in-one solution to manage, configure and update the latest generation of SpringCard “SpringCore” devices (Puck, SpringPark, etc). SpringCard Companion is an hybrid application that combines a clean, efficient and always up-to-date web front-end with a tiny local software, the Companion Service, that is the gateway between the cloud and the […]

  • How to use Firmware Upgrade Utility

    Firmware Upgrade Procedure FUU “Firmware Upgrade Utility” is SpringCard’s all-in-one software to flash the firmware of most of the product families. FUU could be use to flash the : H663, E663, S663 and K663 families. First of all you’ll need to download the Firmware Upgrade Utility software : Once it’s installed, launch it. You will see that […]

  • New version of FUU supports unattended H663 firmware upgrade

    FUU “Firmware Upgrade Utility” is SpringCard’s all-in-one software to flash the firmware of most of the product families. The H663 family (including the H663 OEM module itself, and also the Prox’N’Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP and CSB HSP) is architectured over an Atmel (now Microchip) MCU, which could be flashed through USB. FUU Supports […]