Installing the SpringCore Tools on Windows, macOS and Linux

SpringCore is the umbrella name to the new generation of SpringCard devices (Puck, SpringPark, etc.) that share the same MCU platform and the same overall architecture.

To manage, configure and update these devices, SpringCard has developed SpringCard Companion, a complete and versatile hybrid solution that combines the ergonomics of a modern web application with the power of a gateway service running on Windows 10 (or later).

To address the needs of customers and end-users who using different operating systems, or who need to automate repetitive tasks with scriptable command-line utilities, SpringCard also provide the SpringCore Tools, a set of handy software tailored to work with SpringCore devices in the most efficient way.

In other articles, we’ll see some the SpringCore Tools at work: springcoretool.exe to collect information from the device, springcoreflash.exe to upgrade a device’s firmware, springcoreconfig.exe to manipulate the device’s configuration directly, and springcoremastercard.exe to write a configuration into a master card.


Supported devices and operating modes

The SpringCore Tools suite supports the following combinations of devices/modes:

Supported modes
Puck Base
Puck One
Puck Blue
Puck Point
RFID Scanner
SpringPark SD
SpringPark AC
SpringPark SD
SpringPark AC
NetworkDirect (over UDP)
PC/SC (over TCP, through PC/SC Bridge)

List of tools

The SpringCore Tools suite contains:

  • SpringCoreTool
  • SpringCoreControl
  • SpringCoreConfig
  • SpringCoreHCE
  • SpringCoreMasterCard
  • SpringCoreRDR
  • SpringCoreSE

All the tools are documented directly in the command line (use the -h flag for a list of parameters, options and flags) or online at


The SpringCore Tools are developed in C# with portability in mind. Their key dependency is the .NET runtime, and also the libraries to communicate with USB devices directly, or through the PC/SC subsystem.

SystemPrerequisitesSupported platforms
Windows 7, 8, 10 or later.NET Framework version 4.8 (or later)32 bits (X86 / X32) and 64 bits (AMD64 / X64)
(Mac OS X 10.8 or later)
Mono runtime, release 6.12 (or later)
libusb for USB Direct mode
PC/SC-Like and CCID driver for other modes
AMD64 / X64
ARM64 through Rosetta
LinuxMono runtime, release 6.12 (or later)
libusb for USB Direct mode
PC/SC-Like and CCID driver for other modes
AMD64 / X64

NB: only 64 bit variants of macOS and Linux are supported.

Constraints & precautions

The SpringCore Tools needs an exclusive access to the device they are working on.


  • You can’t run more than one command of the SpringCore Tools at once (all operating systems),
  • You can’t use any of the SpringCore Tools while the SpringCard Companion Service is running (on Windows), unless you set the –companion flag to tell the tool to communicate with the devices through the service (instead of directly over their native communication link).
Error screen shown by one of the SpringCore Tools when the Companion Service is running.
Same operation with the –companion flag set.

Setup the SpringCore Tools on Windows

There are 2 methods to install the SpringCore Tools on Windows:

Method 1 (recommended): together with the Companion Service

When running the installer, don’t forget to select the “SpringCore Tools” package.

Then find the SpringCore Tools directory entry under the SpringCard group in Windows’ Start Menu, and open it.

The SpringCore Tools directory open in an Explorer window

Now enter CMD in the navigation bar of this Explorer window.

This opens a command prompt right into the directory (namely C:\Program Files\SpringCard\Companion\Service\Tools).

Enter DIR *.EXE to see the list of tools.

Method 2 (alternative): using the ZIP archive

  1. Download the SQ20029 ZIP archive from
  2. Unzip the archive in the directory you want (for instance, C:\SpringCard\SQ20029)
  3. Open a command prompt and CD to this directory

Setup the SpringCore Tools on macOS

Coming soon

  1. Install homebrew
  2. Install Rosetta 2
  3. Install libusb
  4. Install Mono
  5. Download and unzip the SQ2009 archive
  6. Validate your setup with a PC/SC device
  7. Validate your setup with a USB Direct device

Setup the SpringCore Tools on Linux

Coming soon

  1. Install Mono
  2. Download and unzip the SQ2009 archive
  3. Validate your setup with a PC/SC device
  4. Validate your setup with a USB Direct device

Next step?

Coming soon