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  • Using SpringCard PC/SC Couplers with a Raspberry Pi 4

    SpringCard PC/SC Couplers like the H663 family (CrazyWriter HSP, Prox’N’Roll HSP, TwistyWriter HSP…) and the new SpringCore family (PUCK…) are well supported by Linux systems thanks the open-source PCSC-Lite stack and its CCID driver. All these devices are easy to operate on early Raspberry Pi with little to no specificities. This has changed on Raspberry […]

  • H663/H512 families firmware upgrade procedure for Linux

    SpringCard H663 and H512 families are a group of NFC devices / contactless smartcard readers. This document explains how to upgrade their firmware, using Linux.

  • How to use Firmware Upgrade Utility

    Firmware Upgrade Procedure FUU “Firmware Upgrade Utility” is SpringCard’s all-in-one software to flash the firmware of most of the product families. FUU could be use to flash the : H663, E663, S663 and K663 families. First of all you’ll need to download the Firmware Upgrade Utility software : Once it’s installed, launch it. You will see that […]

  • New version of FUU supports unattended H663 firmware upgrade

    FUU “Firmware Upgrade Utility” is SpringCard’s all-in-one software to flash the firmware of most of the product families. The H663 family (including the H663 OEM module itself, and also the Prox’N’Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP and CSB HSP) is architectured over an Atmel (now Microchip) MCU, which could be flashed through USB. FUU Supports […]

  • SpringCard PC/SC SDK VERSION 2016.03

    The version 2016.03 of our PC/SC SDK is now available for download: You can use it with our products in the SpringCard CSB6 Family (CSB6, Prox’N’Roll PC/SC, EasyFinger and CrazyWriter), with our products in the H663 family (Prox’N’Roll HSP PC/SC, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP) and our NFC readers/encoders (H512, NFC’Roll). This SDK […]

  • Using Mifare Classic EV1 with SpringCard PC/SC readers

    NXP has recently started shipping a new generation of Mifare Classic chips, called Mifare Classic EV1 (part numbers MF1S50yyX/V1 for Mifare Classic EV1 1K and MF1S70yyX/V1 for Mifare Classic EV1 4K). The chips are 100% compliant with earlier Mifare Classic 1K and 4K, with 2 subtle differences: the kind of protocol-level ID to be used […]