Category: PC/SC couplers

  • How to read RFID/NFC passes with SpringCard PC/SC couplers

    SpringCard contactless PC/SC couplers (NFC/RFID HF) can be used to read contactless passes carried by NFC smartphones. In particular, the Prox’N’Roll HSP PC/SC and the PUCK configured as PC/SC have been certified : by Apple for reading NFC passes stored in the Apple Wallet application (“Apple VAS” protocol, formerly branded as “PassKit”), by Google for […]

  • Using SpringCard PC/SC Couplers with a Raspberry Pi 4

    SpringCard PC/SC Couplers like the H663 family (CrazyWriter HSP, Prox’N’Roll HSP, TwistyWriter HSP…) and the new SpringCore family (PUCK…) are well supported by Linux systems thanks the open-source PCSC-Lite stack and its CCID driver. All these devices are easy to operate on early Raspberry Pi with little to no specificities. This has changed on Raspberry […]

  • SCardSniffer2 spies the exchanges between a PC/SC application and a smart card

    SCardSniffer is a new free tool used to spy (list) all the exchanges between an NFC tag and a Windows application using PC/SC standard.

  • PCSCCheck, the all-in-one tool to validate and tune your PC/SC installation

    An analysis of the questions that are the most frequently asked to our technical support shows that many issues and concerns are due to the settings or the behaviour of Windows operating system itself. This is particularly the case in security-enforced corporate environments, where strict administrative policies may prevent the user to install the right […]

  • How to be sure that the SpringCard PC/SC driver is installed on Windows?

    Since all SpringCard USB PC/SC couplers comply with the USB CCID specification, they are supported by the generic CCID driver supplied by Microsoft as a part of the Windows operating system. As a consequence, when connecting a SpringCard PC/SC coupler to a computer for the first time, this coupler is associated to the generic “Microsoft […]

  • PC/SC on Linux and Mac OS X with Mono

    One the goals of the Mono project is to make Microsoft .NET applications runnable on Unix systems. Using Mono, it is therefore now possible to maintain a single C#/.NET code base, that runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. In this context, SpringCard’s PC/SC SDK ( has been updated, so that it now enables […]