Ver. Date Details
2.38 27/05/2020 (internal release)
Fixed a potential memory allocation failure in CCID over RS485 (concerns: S663)
Rewritten the internal API of TCPD and UDPD for interoperability with SpringCore (concerns: E663)
Improved the multitasking during long ISO 7816 exchanges (concerns: H663)
2.37 20/03/2020 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP) (concerns: H663)
Fixed a potential race condition between Micore and E2PROM (concerns: E663, S663)
2.36 19/11/2019 Official release for E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC), S663 group (FunkyGate-DW PC/SC) (concerns: E663)
Fixed a potential buffer overflow in one the console's test commands
Improved NDDU (concerns: E663)
2.35 09/09/2019 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP) (concerns: H663)
Improvement of the USB CCID resume implementation, to run faster when possible, slower when required (concerns: H663)
2.34 26/08/2019 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC) (concerns: H663, E663)
Given more flexibility (configuration) to the ISO 7816 timeouts (concerns: H663)
Now able to simulate insert/eject of with TDA8026 (concerns: H663)
T=CL buffers where longer than needed (concerns: S663)
2.33 02/04/2019 (internal release)
Sesame Vitale 'hooks' added to the ISO 7816 library (overcome cards with bogus ATRs) (concerns: H663)
Improved the memory and MCU footprint of the CCID implementation (2 tasks plus a few timers instead of 3 tasks)
Improved the USB enumeration to avoid SAM not detected errors on host startup (concerns: H663)
EMV CL tests passed over PC/SC (concerns: H663)
Fixed invalid response to control command 582083
2.32 27/02/2019 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC), S663 group (FunkyGate-DW PC/SC), K663 group (incl. CSB4.8) (concerns: H663, E663, S663, K663)
"Wait multiple" instruction was not available on K663 (only Prox'N'Drive) (concerns: K663)
"Panic" switch forces default configuration (concerns: E663, S663)
Improved the behaviour of the LED on Prox'N'Roll when a card is inserted and removed immediately (concerns: H663)
The configuration to insert the serial number in the slot name was no longer taken in account
Improved the behaviour of the LED on Prox'N'Roll when a card is inserted and removed immediately (concerns: H663)
2.31 05/02/2019 Pre-release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC), S663 group (FunkyGate-DW PC/SC) (concerns: H663, E663, S663)
Improved the I2C functions in Legacy mode (concerns: H663)
New implementation of NDDU service, more reliable on a busy network (concerns: E663)
Synchronization enforced so that notifications don't get intricated with bulk exchanges in the TCP channel (concerns: E663)
Default USB mode forced to CCID if configured value is not supported (concerns: H663)
Added support for FunkyGate's tampers (concerns: E663, S663)
Insert/remove was not correctly reported when status polling method was used (was OK with notifications) (concerns: S663)
Added Apple VAS ECP to the polling loop
2.30 29/10/2018 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP) (concerns: H663)
Faster execution of CCID monitoring procedure, to support fast insert/remove/insert sequences better (concerns: H663)
Implementation of APDU CL_CONTROL improved in coherence with SpringCore project (concerns: H663)
More efficient handling of CrazyWriter-HSP and CSB-HSP SAM slots 2, 3 & 4 on TDA8026 HW, cleaned up code to bypass AT83C26 specific optimizations (concerns: H663)
Accelerated detection of card removal in case the (contact) card is removed while the reader is waiting for a (long) answer (concerns: H663)
2.22 11/09/2018 Hotfix - T=1 communication for non-EMV cards having TA1!=11 was likely to fail on FW v.2.20 (concerns: H663)
2.21 13/06/2018 Official release for K663 group (incl. CSB4.6 and CSB4.8), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC) (concerns: K663, E663)
2.20 15/05/2018 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP) (concerns: H663)
Improvement of the USB CCID implementation for a better handling of suspend/resume sequences (concerns: H663)
2.15 19/04/2018 RF digital layer certified against RCTIF 4 (concerns: H663)
Adjusted entry points of CCID layer for SpringCore project (concerns: H663)
Fixed bug: FW hangs if a framing error occurs on the serial line while sending (concerns: K663)
Fixed bug: GPIO could not be set back to input mode once configured for output (concerns: H663)
2.13 28/09/2017 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP) (concerns: H663)
Rollback of the "Prox'N'Roll: AVR32 is halted when USB is suspended" change introduced on 20/04/2017 because it breaks USB compliance. Still could be activated by configuration. (concerns: H663)
There was a bug in the anti-collision that prevented activating an ISO 14443 A card immediately after an ISO 15693 card having value 88 at position 4 in its UID
2.12 29/08/2017 Hotfix to add support for TA1=97 + disable PPS (concerns: H663)
Configurable host-wakeup output introduced (concerns: K663)
Validated HCE and P2P (concerns: H512)
EMD suppress is now ON by default in all T=CL exchanges (previously: must be set to ON through config) (concerns: K663, H663, E663)
To support a particular USB hub in a particular customer environnment, on the Prox'N'Roll, the AVR32 is halted when USB is suspended (the device restarts only after a USB reset, not a resume, because this hub perfoms the resume even without a PC attached) (concerns: H663)
Implementation of ISO 15693 Extended read/write functions in the coupler and in the SpringProx library
ISO 15693 RX sensitivity could now be changed at run-time (concerns: x663)
New Mifare-related test functions (for a faster validation cycle)
Now supporting ISO 7816 cards with TA1=97 (concerns: H663)
Improvement of the ISO 7816 power level change sequence, PPS could be disabled (concerns: H663)
2.11 09/02/2017 Official release for K663 group (incl. CSB4.6 and CSB4.8), H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC). (concerns: K663, H663, E663)
K663 officially validated on "Wally" hardware (concerns: K663)
CCID's RDR_To_PC_Parameters now populated with actual values, even in contactless (concerns: H663)
New implementation of host-wakeup in Prox'N'Drive, preparing to route the output to virtually any pin of K663. (concerns: K663)
If no DHCP server answers after 30s (3s in PANIC mode), fall-back to (concerns: E663)
Mifare Magic... (concerns: K663)
Card emulation and target mode rewritten from scratch for FreeRTOS (concerns: H512)
LED sequence was not correct on startup and when the PC/SC driver closes the link (concerns: E663)
2.10 10/11/2016 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC). (concerns: H663, E663)
WARM RESET was performed 2 times on TDA8026-based HW (concerns: H663)
Improved performances with PicoTag/PicoPass and ST SRxxx by increasing the modulation index (concerns: Prox'N'Roll HSP)
2.09 (internal release)
TCP throughput improved by changing the period of the µIP thread (concerns: E663)
S663 officially validated on FunkyGate DW NFC hardware, new product name set to FunkyGate DW PC/SC (concerns: S663)
LED status was not always correct upon fast removal of contactless card (concerns: H663)
Now supporting Inside PicoTag/PicoPass (and HID iClass) on top on ISO 15693 (previously: on top of ISO 14443-2 type B only) (concerns: x663)
ATR of Inside PicoTag/PicoPass changed according to last edition of PC/SC v2 chapter 3 (concerns: x663)
The FF FE 05 00 APDU now adds the Mfg ID for ISO 15693 custom and proprietary commands
2.08 19/09/2016 Official release for K663 group (incl. CSB4.6 and CSB4.8), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC). (concerns: K663, E663)
Solved possible buffer overflow in Innovatron lookup
Corrected a bogus implementation of GET RESPONSE analysis in T=0, smartcard library version is now 16.07 (concerns: H663)
Improved the monitoring of RC663 to detect any hardware failure (concerns: x663)
Rewritten the implementation of the LEDs and buzzer to support new platforms - LEDs are now set off when LPCD is running on all products
New memory mapping - supporting IAR compiler for RL78 with 512KB flash (concerns: K663)
LEDs are set OFF when USB stops (instead of blinking yellow) (concerns: H663)
Added user-mode bootloader (UBL, network) (concerns: E663)
Slight improvement in ISO 15693 RX sensitivity to accommodate Inside PicoTag/PicoPass (and HID iClass) on top of this modulation (concerns: x663)
2.07 05/07/2016 Official release for H663 group (incl. CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP) (concerns: H663)
Micore library updated to version 16.05: provision for EMV digital, support of ASK CTS on x663, better isolation between standard and non-standard protocols
eAPDU officially supported up to 8kB in both directions (concerns: H663, E663)
Delay in TEST APDU was not implemented (concerns: E663)
When delay is used in TEST APDU, the buzzer sounds every second
SAM on TwistyWriter-HSP is explicitely powered at 3V instead of "3V or 5V" (where 5V is actually not supported by the HW) (concerns: H663)
USB GET_STATUS command returns same power status as descriptor (may be wrong status in earlier versions) (concerns: H663)
WAIT ENABLE bit in Innovatron REPGEN was not correctly handled (hidden by 'obey RCTIF' configuration)
First implementation validated on S663 (FunkyGate DW PC/SC) (concerns: S663)
Optimization of ASCII protocol (concerns: K663)
Solved a buffer overflow in Innovatron protocol when the card sends a bogus response to card tracking commands
2.06 18/05/2016 Official release for K663 group (incl. CSB4.6 and CSB4.8). (concerns: K663, H663)
Code-size related improvements (print -> print_f, dead-code elimination, lots of refactoring in console / self-test functions)
Polling loop may now be replaced by the background-polling of the PN7462
Officially supporting CCID over serial (concerns: K663, Prox'N'Drive HF)
2.05 26/04/2016 Added a few sanity checks in LPCD to overcome deadlocks occurring on some hardware-related errors (concerns: Prox'N'Drive HF)
Added support for ASK CTS256B and CTS512B on RC663-based readers (concerns: H663, K663, E663)
Reader was unable to write TagIT ISO 15693 tags due to a wrong implementation of single-EOF pattern (concerns: H663, K663, E663)
Introduction of PN7462 target
2.04 10/02/2016 Official release for H663 group (incl. Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. TwistyWriter-IP PC/SC, FunkyGate-IP PC/SC). (concerns: H663, E663)
Now supporting Prox'N'Roll HSP hardware (concerns: H663)
ISO 14443-4 implementation validated agains EMV CL L1 requirements
More flexibility introduced in RC663 configuration (RxThreshold and RxWait can now be set per protocole and speed) (concerns: H663, K663, E663)
Introducing eAPDU in the reader (up to 4kB until further notice - not supported by current USB driver)
Supporting 16MHz clock on TDA8026 smartcard MUX (was 4MHz only in earlier versions) (concerns: H663)
Supporting NXP A70CM on SCI2C (concerns: H663)
2.03 (internal release)
More flexibility given to low-level configuration to ease support of Inside PicoTag (HID iClass), suggested modulation index is now 30% for these cards (instead of 10% mandated by ISO 14443-B)
Removed inter-byte guard time during PicoTag communication (seems to cause an error on the card side)
Added support for TDA8026 contact card multiplexer, as a replacement for AT83C26 (concerns: H663)
Removed deprecated "Calypso Licence" parameter
Telnet server closes the connexion before resetting (concerns: E663)
First step of EMV L1 CL implementation
Specifying an UID in card emulation was not implemented as specified (concerns: H512)
Platform S663 splitted between RX220 and RX210 processors (concerns: S663)
Correction of NDDU implementation (address x.x.x.100 and x.x.x.200 were not formated correctly) (concerns: E663)
Some improvements in the date/time implementation to make sure none of the timers will overflow after 49 days
Preemption caused overrun errors when receiving data from a 'fast' contact card. Context switches are now disabled during communication with contact cards
"flash" command added to the console (concerns: H663)
2.02 27/07/2015 Official release for H663 group (incl. CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), K663 group (incl. CSB4.6, Prox'N'Drive). First release to support CCID over Serial for K663. (concerns: H663, K663)
ISO 14443-A anti-collision made available through FF APDU (concerns: H663, CSB6)
Improved the implementation of polling to improve the compatibility with NFC mobile phones (concerns: K663, Prox'N'Drive)
Overcomed a watchdog timeout that occured randomly in the polling loop when the polling is stopped (concerns: H663)
CCID over Serial validated with the SCARD_On_MCU library (concerns: K663)
2.01 19/05/2015 Official release for H663 group (incl. CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP), E663 group (incl. FunkyGate IP PC/SC), K663 group (incl. CSB4.6, Prox'N'Drive), part of CSB6 group (Prox'N'Roll, CrazyWriter LT) and H512 / NFC'Roll (concerns: H663, E663, K663, PND, CW, PNR)
Added user-mode bootloader (UBL) (concerns: K663)
Added support for ISO 14443-A anticollision in CCID mode
Corrected implementation of Mifare Plus in SL1 (was de-activated and lost during type check)
Corrected implementation of NFC Forum type 1 Tags (Jewel, Topaz) (concerns: H512, NFC'Roll)
2.00 03/04/2015 Official release for H663, CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, FunkyGate HSP, and E663, FunkyGate IP PC/SC (concerns: H663, E663)
The reader's serial number could now appear in the name of the slots as seen from the PC/SC driver (Windows only) (concerns: H663)
Introducing CCID over Serial (concerns: K663)
2.00 beta 2 04/03/2015 Beta 2 version of H663 2.00 made available (concerns: H663)
Replaced the old scheduler by the FreeRTOS kernel to improve the overall performance of contact+contactless products (concerns: H663, H512)
Changed role of configuration register B1 (behaviour of the PC/SC slots) (concerns: H663, H512, CSB6)
Forked a RCTIF-compliant version of Prox'N'Drive (concerns: Prox'N'Drive)
1.81 19/01/2015 Official release for K633 (concerns: K663)
The firmware could now enter DFU mode without moving the FLASH switch (concerns: H663, H512)
Added support for EM4134 chip
Added INSERT/REMOVE commands (for HW without a presence switch for the ID-1 card) (concerns: H663)
Added support of FunkyGate HW to create a FunkyGate PC/SC (USB) (concerns: H663)
Prepared for future Prox'N'Roll HSP HW (concerns: H663)
Added AFI support on Iso15693_SelectAny + bugfix on Iso15693_Exchange and Iso15693_ExchangeStdCommand (concerns: Legacy SDK)
Fixed : infinite loop when a Mifare key loaded in RAM passses authentication but prevent reading a sector
48-pin version of RL78 now able to power down the MAX232 (concerns: Prox'N'Drive)
1.80 29/09/2014 Official release for H663, CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP (concerns: H663)
Support of SR176 was broken since 1.75, now fixed.
Contactless slot could be totally disabled by config
Added a 50% blinker to limit LEDs lightning
FWI could be shortened by config, default configuration is now FWImax=9 in presence-check
1.80 Official release of the "SpringProx API" SDK for K663, CSB4.6, Prox'N'Drive (concerns: Legacy SDK)
/SUSPEND pin now supported to stop the RF field (concerns: H663)
Improved the timings in CCID implementation for a faster transition contact/contactless in printers (concerns: H663)
1.79 16/06/2014 Official release for H663, CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, K663, CSB 4.6 and Prox'N'Drive (concerns: H663, K663, PND)
IDs for Topaz/Jewel cards is now on 7B (instead of 4B) according to NFC Forum type 1 Tag specification
Some timeouts were too short in ISO 15693 implementation
"Transparent Exchange" available for ISO 15693 cards
Support of 48-pin version of RL78 (while remaining compatible with 64-pin version) (concerns: K663, Prox'N'Drive)
Insertion of a card in slot 0 may now suspend the contactless slot (concerns: H663)
RTOX was a little too short in ISO 18092 implementation
It is now possible to specify a TA1 slower than the one offered by the card (concerns: H663)
All HALs checked for compliance with BEGIN_EXCLUSIVE/END_EXCLUSIVE scheme (for FreeRTOS)
Buffer for NFC exchanges extended to accept 254-B payloads
New Wiegand format (concerns: S663)
Introducing Legacy and CCID over TCP (concerns: E663)
Card removal during (long) exchange doesn't lock the Windows driver for 100s as it ought to (concerns: H663)
1.78 (internal release)
HAL for RX200 validated (concerns: S663)
HAL for RX62N validated (concerns: E663)
1.77 04/03/2014 Official release for K663, Prox'N'Drive, CSB6, CrazyWriter, CrazyWriter-LT, Prox'N'Roll (concerns: K663, PND, CSB6, CW, PNR)
Confirming no support of ICODE1 on RC663
Faster (and more reliable) resume after LPCD (concerns: K663, PND)
Supporting timeouts longer than specified by EMV on all contact slots (concerns: H663)
1.76 09/12/2013 Official release for K663 (concerns: K663)
Activated the pull-up on RX to overcome UART errors when left floating (concerns: H663, H512)
Add the FEED feature (non-volatile memory to store the configuration) (concerns: K663)
1.75 15/10/2013 Official release for H512, NFC'Roll, H663, CrazyWriter HSP, CSB HSP, CSB6, CrazyWriter, CrazyWriter-LT, Prox'N'Roll (concerns: H663, H512, CSB6)
New APDU GET DATA introduced to read DSI,DRI and DS,DR
Now supporting 2 antennas (CrazyWriter HSP "Dual") (concerns: H663)
FEED reading could lock the reader when the FEED contained bogus entries
Serial line remains idle while in LPCD (concerns: PND, PND HF+LF)
Now returning the subtype for AWID tags (concerns: PND HF+LF)
1.74 13/06/2013
TCL_BUFFER_SIZE extended from 256 to 256+5+1 bytes to support all cases of ISO 7816-4 (short APDUs)
Correct LED implementation (concerns: K663)
WTX in card emulation mode shortened from 8192 to 6144 ETU to ensure compliance with "strict" readers (concerns: H512)
Now reactivating a Mifare UL / NFC Forum type 2 Tag after read error (instead of signaling its removal) (concerns: H663, K663, H512)
BSZ was not handled correctly in ISO 18092 implementation
1.73 07/06/2013 Official release for H512, H663, Prox'N'Drive, NFC'Roll
HAL for LPC1227 validated (concerns: PND HF+LF)
HAL for Linux on ARM (using spidev) validated (concerns: MEP)
Confirming no support of ASK CTS B cards on RC663
Reading Mifare Classic with custom keys was impossible (concerns: H512)
Better implementation of FF FB 01 00 and FF FE xx xx 00 in accordance with the doc
LEDs are forced OFF while in LPCD, yet restored afterwards (concerns: PND)
Starting to play with dataflash library (concerns: K663)
Pull-up on SPI MISO to remove the noise (concerns: H512, H663)
Better timer implementation on Linux (we were stucked when the system clock changed) (concerns: MEP)
1.72 22/03/2013 Official release for H663, CrazyWriter, Prox'N'Drive
HAL for RL78 validated (concerns: K663, PND)
Check up of the Micore library to support nicely NULL pointers on non-mandatory parameters
The Kovio RF barcode protocol is now disabled by default
Reset GemCore in case of a permanent error on GetStatus (concerns: CSB6)
More reliable handling of GemCore RESYNCH procedure (concerns: CSB6)
1.71 29/01/2013 Official release for K632, K663, Prox'N'Roll PC/SC, NFC'Roll
Global timeout improved (concerns: lib)
Better handling of Suspend mode, cleaner control of Micore power
Now supporting Kovio RF barcode V2 tags (256 bits)
Implementation of the anti-collision scheme on RC663
Correction of Mifare Value implementation (bug introduced in 1.70)
1.70 02/01/2012 Official release for Prox'N'Roll PC/SC, CSB6, CrazyWriter, NFC'Roll (concerns: CSB6)
Portability to Micore3 (RC663)
Card response timeout counted up to SOF, and not to EOF. Key features to accept a response even if the card communicates is slow AFTER its SOF
ISO 15693 ENVELOP allows full access to ST M24LR16E chip
Added support for Extended ATQB
Low-level implementation of Felica protocol (concerns: H512)
NFC Forum type 2 Tag emulation in-board (concerns: H512)
NFC Forum type 4 Tag emulation in-board (concerns: H512)
ISO 18092 passive initiator + basics of LLCP (concerns: H512, H663)
1.64 04/04/2012 (concerns: CSB6)
Decoding of ATTRIB response was incorrect (wrong byte offset), now fixed
Case 1 APDUs are handled by the interpreter in a more convenient manner
ISO 15693, ICODE1 and Innovision UID were returned in reverse order by FF CA 00 00, now fixed
Unknown PIX.NN could be masked to 0000 to behave exactly as expected by PC/SC
Added Infineon ISO 15693 products in the PIX.NN list
1.63 21/03/2012 (concerns: CSB6)
Added support for Kovio RF Barcode chips
Added support Mifare Classic Increment/Decrement through PC/SC
The ATR of on Innovatron card with two 805A in it was truncated
Order of polling sequence is now Kovio, ISO 14443 A, ISO 14443 B and Innovatron, ISO 15693, ICODE1. Earlier versions had ISO 14443B then Innovatron first
The FIND function and the polling loop now use WUPA / WUPB by default instead of REQA / REQB to achieve full compliance with the spec
Re-written the ICODE1 implementation for more portability among different Micore
Added support for ISO 15693 chips with block field on two bytes
ISO 15693 and ICODE1: bitrate (fast/slow) is now defined by configuration and not by the caller anymore
1.62 05/01/2012 (concerns: CSB6)
Latency of USB Interrupt EP shorten reduced from 128ms to 1m (concerns: CSB6)
Postponed the SAM enumeration to remain ready for late USB enumeration seen on some PC (concerns: CSB6)
Baudrates are now limited at 106kbps by default (instead of 212). 212 or 424 can still be chosen by configuration. (concerns: CrazyWriter)
More data available under FF CA xx xx (concerns: CSB6)
Anti-collision on ISO 14443-A activated by default (concerns: CSB6)
Rewritten the Human Interface stuff (report) for a better layer separation
Implemented SECTOR SELECT command for NFC Forum Type 2 Tags (concerns: CSB6)
Mifare UltraLight C now has its own PIX.NN (was the one of Mifare UltraLight in earlier versions) (concerns: CSB6)
USB Interrupt goes always before USB BulkIn to overcome a race condition in the driver (concerns: CSB6)
Manual polling on top of PC/SC (Magnadata)
Firmware validated on new hardware (balanced antenna instead of unbalanced) (concerns: Prox'N'Roll)
ICCD implemenation plus cardlet system (concerns: H512)
Added a Micore1 reset every 2 minutes to solve an unexpected behaviour on SpeedyLogger (Micore1 goes unconfigured?) (concerns: CSB6)
USB startup sequence improved to ensure compliance with a USB to Ethernet converter (concerns: CSB6)
USER and MODE pins are now read the same way by the factory test (concerns: CSB6)
Gemcore1 library ported on SpeedyLogger EAS9220-AB (be careful, Gemcore reset pin is not enabled on all the boards -> #define GEMCORE_BOGUS_RESET) (concerns: CSB6)
Host-based card emulation on top of ISO 14443-4 type A (concerns: H512)
1.60 10/06/2011 CCID implementation was broken in 1.55 (chaining of buffers for some long exchanges), this update solves it (concerns: CSB6)
1.56 18/05/2011 (concerns: CSB6, K632)
Mifare Classic implemenation validated on Micore2 (concerns: H512)
Basic implementation of ISO 14443-3:2010 Amd4 (EMD recovery)
ISO 15693 receive sensitivity improved (concerns: CSB6, K632)
1.55 03/01/2011 (concerns: CSB6, K632)
Lots of timings improved to achieve compliance with RCTIF4
CrazyWriter with big antenna validated against RCTIF4
1.53 07/06/2010 (concerns: CSB6, K632)
Complete validation passed on top of Micore2
Better implementation of communication timeout and error detection and recovery
Firmware validated on new hardware (new LEDs and buzzer) (concerns: Prox'N'Roll)
1.52 21/09/2009 (concerns: CSB6, K632)
Corrected implementation of Mifare Classic authentication using GENERAL AUTHENTICATE to be fully compliant with the spec (concerns: CSB6)
Corrected a random stack overflow problem (concerns: K531, K632)
Added support for ISO 15693 and ICODE1 chips in PC/SC (concerns: CSB6)
Added support for Inside Picopass (and HID iClass)
Implementation of SFGT for ISO 14443-4 type A cards
More efficient handling of WTX in ISO 14443-4 to speed up the dialog and make it more reliable
Added support for Innovation Jewel/Topaz chips, i.e. NFC Forum Type 1 Tags (concerns: CSB6, K632)
1.51 26/06/2009 (concerns: CSB6)
When only ISO 14443-B and Innovatron are enabled, polling window lasts at least 100ms as expected by Calypso TN
Introduced new APDUs to control the polling and the field (concerns: CSB6)
Corrected implementation of Mifare Classic authentication with type B keys (concerns: CSB6)
Control functions were missing from the build (concerns: SpringProx-CF)
Added support for Gemcore2 (CrazyWriterX3)
1.50 26/01/2009 (concerns: CSB6)
A buzzer is now supported (concerns: CSB6)
Performance improvement in all Mifare Classic transactions
Command set enhanced
Major rewritting to separate the HAL, Micore, sprox/lib and sprox/core parts
RCTIF specification taken in account with #define CALYPSO_OBEY_RCTIF
New platform based on Micore2
1.48 22/09/2008 CSB6 family is complete: CSB6, CrazyWriter, EasyFinger, Prox'N'Roll (concerns: CSB6)
CDC-ACM profile validated on Linux (concerns: CSB6)
1.47 11/09/2008 (concerns: CSB6)
Gemcore now able to communicate with the card at a baudrate higher than TA1=11 (concerns: CSB6)
CCID (PC/SC) profile valided on Linux (concerns: CSB6)
1.45 16/04/2008
ATQB was transmitted in reverse order
Added support for Innovatron cards
Added support for ISO 15693 and ICODE1 chips
Added support for some memory cards based on ISO 14443-B (ASK CTS256B and CTS512B, ST MicroElectronics SR176, SRI512, STR512)
Added functions to watch for card removal
There was a potention overrun when reading the Micore1's FIFO from the interrupt handler, this has been fixed (concerns: K531, K632)
1.41 23/11/2006
Implementation of ISO 14443-B anti-collision scheme
Configuration data stored in a non-volatile memory (FEED)
Micore1 configuration can be altered at runtime
Sync signals made available on LEDs or I/O for hardware debug
Supporting a RS485 transceiver (K531/485 firmware) (concerns: K531)
1.40 20/09/2006 First release for K531 hardwared based on R8C/25 MCU