Ver. Date Details
1.80 20/03/2018 Official release for H663/RDR (Prox'N'Roll HSP RFID Scanner) (concerns: H663/RDR)
Optimization of the HTTP client implementation (concerns: E663/RDR)
Optimization of the UDP implementation (no more duplicated frames) (concerns: E663/RDR)
Added NFC Forum type 5 (NDEF on ISO/IEC 15693) implementation
Small refactoring of polling loop to support mode switching PC/SC / RDR in future products
Buffer sizes increased to 1kB, to support long URL out of NFC Forum tags (concerns: H663/RDR)
Improved USB implementation to support additionnal profiles in the future (concerns: H663/RDR)
1.79 15/10/2017 Official release for E663/RDR and S663/RDR (concerns: S663/RDR, E663/RDR)
E663 say disconnected (fast led green-red) if the server is not reachable in HTTP client mode (concerns: E663/RDR)
Support of the SAM NXP AV2 (AN10922) key divesification to read DESfire EV1 file (STITCH cards) (concerns: S663/RDR, E663/RDR)
Client is disconnected from TCP IWM2 server if there are not any frames comming since 30s from the connection or 60s from the last frame (concerns: E663/RDR)
1.77 02/10/2017 (internal release) (concerns: E663/RDR+BLE)
Added BGM support on the E663 products with Springblue and OrangePackID BLE (concerns: E663/RDR+BLE)
E663 support flash of the BGM with telnet (via FUU) (concerns: E663/RDR+BLE)
1.76 02/10/2017 (internal release) (concerns: all/RDR+BLE)
Makefile of the BGM with Blugecko stack 2.4.2 (concerns: all/RDR+BLE)
1.75 15/06/2017 (maintenance release) (concerns: K663/RDR)
LEDs management could prevent simultaneous red+green if there's only one dual-color LED (to prevent yellow color) (concerns: K663/RDR)
SpringBlue moved to latest BGM stack (concerns: all/RDR+BLE)
BLE implementation now structured with plugins in the FW (activated plugins depend on the GATT loaded in the BLE chip) (concerns: all/RDR+BLE)
Validation completed (concerns: S663/RDR+BLE)
Added support for Orange PackID secure mode (concerns: all/RDR+BLE)
ISO 15693 RX sensitivity could now be changed at run-time (concerns: x663/RDR)
1.74 23/05/2017 (internal release) (concerns: K663/RDR+BLE)
Added support of NFC Forum Type 3 Tags (NDEF on FeliCa Lite)
Housekeeping: more flexible implementation of GPIOs (concerns: H663/RDR, K663/RDR)
Housekeeping: more flexible implementation of UARTs (concerns: K663/RDR)
SpringBlue moved to latest BGM stack (concerns: K663/RDR+BLE, S663/RDR+BLE)
Update to last version of SpringProx on Micore 3
Introducing the IWM2 emulation library (concerns: IWM2 on PC/SC)
Final SpringBlue ID v1 implementation (concerns: all/RDR+BLE)
Fix reading of ST25TA as NFC Forum type 4 (NDEF file shorter than announced in CC)
1.73 24/01/2017 Official release for E663/RDR (concerns: E663/RDR)
If no DHCP server answers after 30s (3s in PANIC mode), fall-back to (concerns: E663/RDR)
1.72 (internal release) (concerns: E663/RDR)
The serial number was erased by an erase-all master card (concerns: K663/RDR)
Now compiling with IAR (was only GCC) - Forking project for Socket D600 target (concerns: K663/RDR)
HTTP client stopped working after 2975 requests (bad implementation of TCP client socket in the underlying IP stack) (concerns: E663/RDR)
Address of DNS servers was not correctly retrieved when coming in the ACK frame, not the OFFER (impact: Windows DHCP Server - was OK with the tested Linux implementations) (concerns: E663/RDR)
1.71 (internal release) (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR, H663/RDR)
In sync with SpringProx library 2.08
Preview of K663/RDR implementation on WallyDom hardware (concerns: K663/RDR)
Now supporting K663/RDR implementation on WallyDom hardware (concerns: K663/RDR)
Now supporting Inside PicoTag/PicoPass (and HID iClass) on top on ISO 15693 (previously: on top of ISO 14443-2 type B only) (concerns: x663/RDR)
Now supporting secure communication over MK2 protocol on RS485 bus (concerns: S663/RDR)
Minor refactoring of the output functions to rebuild a custom firmware with multi-read feature (concerns: H663/RDR)
The serial number was erased by an erase-all master card (concerns: K663/RDR)
Added a software watchdog to reset the reader in case the chipset enters protection mode
1.70 14/09/2016 Official release, announcement of HTTP client mode (concerns: E663/RDR)
Preview of FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE (concerns: S663/RDR)
Added DNS client (resolv) (concerns: E663/RDR)
Added HTTP client feature (concerns: E663/RDR)
HTTP client POST API to send data to the cloud (concerns: E663/RDR)
LEDs are set OFF when USB enters suspend mode (concerns: H663/RDR)
Antenna type populated (concerns: E663/RDR)
Added user-land bootloader to be able to flash the device through the network (concerns: E663/RDR)
Slight improvement in ISO 15693 RX sensitivity to accommodate Inside PicoTag/PicoPass (and HID iClass) on top of this modulation (concerns: x663)
1.69 08/07/2016 Official release (concerns: H663/RDR, S663/RDR)
Swap content bit was not correctly implemented for long-string output and lead to truncation
1.68 28/06/2016 (internal release)
Updated the Atmel USB library to pass the USB 2.0 validation (concerns: H663/RDR)
Added support for Desfire EV1 authentication and secure communication
Added support for SpringBlue NFC Android app.
Better implementation of the random number generator
Added support for SpringField Colorado
In sync with SpringProx library 2.06
Introducing network bootloader (concerns: E663/RDR)
Added support for Mifare Plus SL3 authentication and communication modes
Added support for SpringCard Colorado Android app.
Performance improvement in RS485 implementation to make the protocole more reliable and faster (concerns: S663/RDR)
SpringField Colorado implementation optimized, no longer relying on NDEF parser
1.67 23/03/2016 (internal release)
Supporting ASK CTS 256B & CTS 512B again (was present in RC632-based products, but missing in RC663-)
1.66 10/02/2016 Official release (concerns: K663/RDR, S663/RDR, E663/RDR, H663/RDR)
Platform S663 splitted between RX220 and RX210 processors (concerns: S663/RDR)
Correction of NDDU implementation (address x.x.x.100 and x.x.x.200 were not formated correctly) (concerns: E663/RDR)
Some improvements in the date/time implementation to make sure none of the timers will overflow after 49 days
Polling sequence rewritten for better flexibility and less memory requirements
INSERT/REMOVE feature now implemented on all products (before: was available on S663/RDR) (concerns: H663/RDR, K663/RDR, E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
ISO 14443-4 implementation validated agains EMV CL L1 requirements
More flexibility introduced in RC663 configuration (RxThreshold and RxWait can now be set per protocole and speed) (concerns: H663/RDR, K663/RDR, E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
Improved the filtering scheme to take in account tags that are 'long' to read (typically invalid Master Card)
Validated on Prox'N'Drive HF/RDR platform (concerns: K663/RDR)
Sending more than 32B of data was impossible in MK2 protocol (enhanced to 48)
Master Cards were not processed correctly if they contain a 6x register with an empty content
1.65 14/12/2015 (internal release)
More flexibility given to low-level configuration to ease support of Inside PicoTag (HID iClass), suggested modulation index is now 30% for these cards (instead of 10% mandated by ISO 14443-B)
Removed inter-byte guard time during PicoTag communication (seems to cause an error on the card side)
AES library ported to K663/RDR platform (concerns: K663/RDR)
Added support of Orange NFC Office
Size of the queues had to be increased to support very quick toggling of all input lines (concerns: E663/MIO)
Removed deprecated "Calypso Licence" parameter
Telnet server closes the connexion before resetting (concerns: E663/RDR)
1.64 27/07/2015 Official release (concerns: K663/RDR, S663/RDR, E663/RDR, H663/RDR)
Improved the TCP implementation to ensure portability (now works on the simulator) (concerns: E663/RDR)
Default postfix in keyboard emulation mode restored to "\n"' (was empty due to the new startup sequence) (concerns: H663/RDR)
Fixed a stack overflow in FreeRTOS USB task (impact: MultiConf GET_FEATURE_REPORT/SET_FEATURE_REPORT) (concerns: H663/RDR)
Mxxx command in RS485 MK1 protocol was broken since 29/06 (concerns: K663/RDR, S663/RDR)
GET_FEATURE_REPORT/SET_FEATURE_REPORT enhanced for a faster communication with MultiConf (concerns: H663/RDR)
Buzzer implementation modified to reduce power consumption (concerns: H663/RDR)
1.63 03/06/2015 Official release (concerns: K663/RDR, S663/RDR, H663/RDR)
Support of blue LED on final FunkyCode hardware (concerns: S663/RDR)
Added support for Orange NFC API and SpringBlue HCE
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner HSP validated (concerns: H663/RDR)
ser_ex configuration parameter added to slow down the answer in MK2 protocol (concerns: K663/RDR, S663/RDR)
1.62 17/04/2015 First release of K663/RDR implementation on OMS:VN hardware (concerns: K663/RDR)
Support of Blue LED improved on FunkyCode final hardware (concerns: S663/RDR)
Migrated from FreeRTOS 7 to 8 (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
Now running on top of FreeRTOS 8 (concerns: H663/RDR)
New reader family officially introduced (concerns: K663/RDR)
Noise filter activated on UART (concerns: S663/RDR)
Housekeeping - I2C management improved (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
"Reset" instruction added to MK2 protocol
Introduction of UBL (user boot loader) for K663-based readers (concerns: K663/RDR)
Validated in HID (RFID Scanner) mode (concerns: H663/RDR)
Validated in VCP (serial over USB) mode (concerns: H663/RDR)
1.61 13/01/2015 Hotfix 1.61 with MAD (Mifare) implementation corrected (concerns: RFID Scanner)
Starting 1.61 branch
Handling of MAD (Mifare) was broken, corrected
1.60 22/12/2014 Official release (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
Add support for EM4134
New handling of # and * keys on FunkyCode : could be used to send the PIN 'right now' (discarding the tag) (concerns: S663/RDR)
Introducing K663/RDR (concerns: K663/RDR)
LEDs commands (coming from the host) and internal LEDs sequence could now live all together
Tickcount no longer overflows after 49 days (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
1.59 21/11/2014 First release of VisitorPoint (concerns: VisitorPoint)
Memory optimisation, new tuning of FreeRTOS (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
Introducing VisitorPoint on top of K663/RDR core
Introducing HandyDrummer on top of E663/MIO core
Wiegand and Dataclock timings corrected (were lots too long) (concerns: S663/RDR)
Removed very old customer-specific Wiegand protocols, introduced 0<data>0 (concerns: S663/RDR)
Now supporting DHCP for auto IP config (concerns: E663/RDR, E663/MIO)
Packet size > MTU no longer lock the product (concerns: E663/RDR, E663/MIO)
Now able to send 'A' or 'B' as special code (concerns: S663/RDR)
Rewritten the USB startup sequence to wait 500ms after configuration before power ramp up, to cope with "touchy" USB hubs (concerns: RFID Scanner)
The "typing speed" is now configurable through register A1 (concerns: RFID Scanner)
Hook on the LEDs to alter the color (concerns: RFID Scanner)
1.58 17/06/2014 Official release (concerns all products)
Default template set to FF (as documented) instead of 0F
Improved Telnet server, added HTTP server with REST API (concerns: E663/RDR)
Tampers validated on latest FunkyGate-IP hardware, speed up of I2C routine (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
Speed and reliability improvments (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
1.57 14/05/2014 Official release (concerns: S663/RDR)
Speed and reliability improvments (concerns: S663/RDR)
MK2 secure protocol (AES) is OK! (concerns: E663/RDR)
LED were keeping on blinking after tamper KO / tamper OK cycle (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR)
1st version of S663/RDR core validated on FunkyCode-DW (concerns: S663/RDR)
1.56 11/04/2014 Official release (incl. S663/RDR "Lite" to overcome I2C troubles on 1st generation of FunkyGate-DW motherboards) (concerns: E663/RDR, S663/RDR, RFID Scanner)
Implemented the final version of the Network Device Discovery Protocol (concerns: E663/RDR)
Improved the reliability of the I2C communication with the PIN pad (concerns: S663/RDR)
1.55 04/03/2014 Official release (end of life for FunkyGate MK1) (concerns: FunkyGate MK1)
Framing errors on the serial line were stopping the reader (concerns: S663/RDR)
Implemented the I2C communication with the PIN pad (concerns: S663/RDR)
Implemented human interface related to PIN pad (concerns: S663/RDR)
1.55 05/02/2014 Official release (concerns: S663/RDR)
1st version of S663/RDR core validated on FunkyGate-DW (concerns: S663/RDR)
1.54 16/12/2013 Official release (concerns: E663/RDR)
Suppressed a possible deadlock when droping a TCP connection (concerns: E663/RDR)
Speed and reliability improvments (concerns: E663/RDR)
1.53 06/12/2013 Official release (concerns: E663/RDR, K663/RDR)
Major refactoring to introduce the MK2 protocol
MK2 protocol validated (over serial line) (concerns: K663/RDR, K632/RDR)
MK2 protocol validated (over serial line) (concerns: E663/RDR)
Major refactoring to integrate the Telnet server as a possible channel to communicate with the reader
The console now switches automatically between serial line and Telnet (concerns: E663/RDR)
Various improvements related to FreeTCPIP and FreeRTOS (concerns: E663/RDR)
MK2 protocol starts to live (concerns: E663/RDR)
GPIO and I2C are OK (concerns: E663/RDR)
MK2 protocol over TCP/IP is OK! (concerns: E663/RDR)
1st version of E663/RDR core validated on FunkyGate-IP (concerns: E663/RDR)
1.52 17/10/2013 Official release (concerns: H663/RDR, K663/RDR, PND/RDR)
Added support of SNEP and NDEF parsing
FreeTCPIP and FreeRTOS ported to the target (concerns: E663/RDR)
1st version of MK2 protocol over FreeTCPIP (concerns: E663/RDR)
Low-power improvement (the CPU is now able to enter deep sleep mode) (concerns: K663/RDR)
Better support of NFC Forum type 1 Tags
1st version of H663/RDR core validated on H663-USB-232 (concerns: H663/RDR)
1.51 22/07/2013 Official release (concerns: PND/RDR)
Introducing H663/RDR
ISO 15693 IDs are now transmitted the same way as specified in PC/SC
Improved the handling of the LEDs and buzzer
1st version of Prox'N'Drive/RDR validated (concerns: PND/RDR)
1.50 06/06/2013 Official release (concerns: RFID Scanner)
Major rewriting to introduce more flexibility : multi-template, NDEF decoder, less memory for each template, etc
Mifare Plus SL3 read (not available on all hardware) (concerns: x663/RDR)
Beta version of NDEF decoder
New padding scheme introduced
Added Mifare UltraLight page read
Mifare Plus in SL1 is now OK as if it were a Mifare Classic
New configuration sent by USB is applied immediately (concerns: RFID Scanner)
Added ISO 15693 block read
Added support of Kovio RF Barcode
1.44 04/04/2013 Last release in the 1.4x branch