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  • H663/H512 families firmware upgrade procedure for Linux

    SpringCard H663 and H512 families are a group of NFC devices / contactless smartcard readers. This document explains how to upgrade their firmware, using Linux.

  • How to use Firmware Upgrade Utility

    Firmware Upgrade Procedure FUU “Firmware Upgrade Utility” is SpringCard’s all-in-one software to flash the firmware of most of the product families. FUU could be use to flash the : H663, E663, S663 and K663 families. First of all you’ll need to download the Firmware Upgrade Utility software : Once it’s installed, launch it. You will see that…

  • Limitation of 10 smart card readers with SCardListReaders

    Many customers have noticed that the Windows’ PC/SC subsystem is not able to handle more than 10 readers (or slots in case of multi-slot readers). Actually, the SCardListReaders function -the system call to get the list of available PC/SC readers- is limited to 10 readers max. On old versions of Windows it was possible (although…