New version of FUU supports unattended H663 firmware upgrade

FUU “Firmware Upgrade Utility” is SpringCard’s all-in-one software to flash the firmware of most of the product families.

The H663 family (including the H663 OEM module itself, and also the Prox’N’Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP and CSB HSP) is architectured over an Atmel (now Microchip) MCU, which could be flashed through USB. FUU Supports this family for long, and comes with Atmel DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) driver for Windows.

Thanks to FUU, loading a new firmware in the H663-based product is only a matter a seconds -provided that you have the device connected to your desktop or laptop computer.

As from April 2018, the latest version of FUU is now suitable for unattended firmware upgrade, making it possible to flash readers connected to any kiosk or embedded computer.

Step-by-step guide

Deploy FUU and Atmel DFU driver to the target computers

Download FUU

FUU unattended setup

Call the setup package from a script running with administrative priviledges (elevated) and use the following command line:

su13168-1804.exe /SILENT /COMPONENTS=fuu,dfudriver

This installs the FUU application itself, and Atmel DFU driver.

Advanced setup of the DFU driver

SU1368 setup works as follow:

  • FUU is namely installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\SpringCard\SU13168
  • Atmel DFU driver is copied in the dfu-driver subdirectory
  • From there, Microsoft’s Driver Package Installer (DPInst) is launched. If the computer runs a 64-bit version of Windows, the setup launches DPInst64.exe ; otherwise, it is DPInst32.exe .
  • The setup uses the /q (quiet) flag so DPInst runs unattended.

If another version of the Atmel DFU driver is too be used, or if you experience troubles with the deployment of the driver, proceed as follow:

  • Install only the FUU application

su13168-1804.exe /SILENT /COMPONENTS=fuu

Deploy the new firmware

  • Download the firmware you want from
  • Copy the new firmware to the target computer(s), namely in C:\Program Files (x86)\SpringCard\SU13168\Firmware

Unattended firmware upgrade

The command line to invoke FUU without its GUI is

<path to fuu>\fuu.exe --product=h663 --cpu=at32uc3b0256 --method=atmel-dfu --device=DFU --file=<path to firmware file>

The program terminates with ERRORLEVEL == 0 if everything is OK, or a non-0 value in case of error.