• SpringCard PC/SC solution for Android has been released

    SpringCard PC/SC solution for Android has been released

    SpringCard R&D team is proud to release a simple software solution to add support for SpringCard USB PC/SC Couplers to Android tablets (or smartphone). The software is made of two parts: SpringCard PC/SC Service for Android, a freeware application that installs directly from Google Play SpringCard PC/SC Library for Android, an open-source library that makes […]

  • PC/SC driver updated

    We’ve just published a new release of our WHQL-certified driver for SpringCard PC/SC products. This new version (code name: SDD480-BB) fixes a few bugs that have been experienced with the earlier release: – corrected a memory leakage that used to occur as a consequence of frequent SCardControl calls – CSB6 now reports correctly “card mute” […]

  • New WHQL-certified PC/SC driver

    Edited 24/04/2012: an updated version has been published to correct a few bugs. Please read this article. Our new PC/SC driver is now online and ready for download! This driver (code name : SDD480-BA) has been certified my Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Qualification Labs (WHQL) for both 32 and 64 bits operating systems. It targets all […]