PC/SC driver updated

We’ve just published a new release of our WHQL-certified driver for SpringCard PC/SC products. This new version (code name: SDD480-BB) fixes a few bugs that have been experienced with the earlier release:
– corrected a memory leakage that used to occur as a consequence of frequent SCardControl calls
– CSB6 now reports correctly “card mute” when a card is physically inserted but unresponsive
– improved overall stability on multi-slot readers thanks to a stricter synchronization of SCardTransmit calls

To download the driver, please go to http://www.springcard.com/download/find.php?file=sdd480. The installer now contains both x86 and x64 binaries, and select automatically the one adapted to your system. It will also be available through Windows Update in a few days.

As the previous one, this release targets all SpringCard USB CCID readers :
Prox’N’Roll PC/SC

Users are welcome to deploy this new release as soon as possible.


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