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  • Accessing Reader’s configuration from command line and in batch mode

    All SpringCard PC/SC Readers feature a set of Configuration Registers that allow to alter the Reader behaviour to match a particular hardware setup or end-user requirement. Editing the configuration is easy thanks to MultiConf, the new versatile configuration tool that covers all SpringCard products. But MultiConf is a GUI-application. When it comes to configuring numerous […]

  • Introducing the new FunkyGate-IP NFC

    SpringCard‘s technical team is proud to announce the launch of a new generation of contactless readers for high-end access control applications, the FunkyGate NFC family. Using the same shell as previous generation’s FunkyGate-DW (Dataclock, Wiegand and RS485 interfaces) and FunkyGate-SU (RS232 and USB interfaces), the FunkyGate NFC family introduces a brand-new member, the FunkyGate-IP NFC. […]

  • EAS management for ICODE SLI/SLI-X (standard, type S and type L)

    ICODE SLI are ISO 15693 compliant but feature proprietary extensions not implemented in the reader’s firmware. However, you can use those features in transparent mode. The following post will focus on EAS management with this type of tag. The function entries described are available in the CSB6 SDK. EAS management in the different ICODE SLI types  The […]

  • MultiConf

    We are very happy to announce the release of a new software utility which will help you configure our readers.

  • KitKat: Impact of the latest Android OS on card emulation

    “Who controls the smartphone?” is the obvious question that can lead to generating profits from every transaction by the controlling parties. NFC use on smartphones allows for 3 modes of operation:  tag reading/writing, peer-to-peer and card emulation. The card emulation mode is the most interesting mode for the companies involved in such developments because it […]

  • SpringCard PC/SC SDK version 2.12

    The version 2.12 of our PC/SC SDK is now available for download: You can use it with our products in the SpringCard CSB6 Family (CSB6, Prox’N’Roll PC/SC, EasyFinger and CrazyWriter) and our NFC readers/encoders (H512, NFC’Roll).