Tag: Peer-to-peer

  • Firmware release 1.75 for H512 and NFC’Roll

    A new firmware version (release 1.75.2) has just been published for SpringCard H512 and NFC’Roll. This firmware improves the behaviour in card emulation and peer-to-peer (initiator) mode, allowing more reliable exchanges with most smartphones running either in reader or peer-to-peer (target) mode. The same version will be released very soon for H663 and Prox’N’Roll PC/SC. […]

  • SpringCard introduces new SDK for NFC-enabled PC/SC readers

    It’s now the final countdown before the launch of new SpringCard NFC products, H512 and NFC’Roll. Both products are not only able to read/write NFC Tags, but they also introduce NFC peer-to-peer communication and an innovative Card emulation mode. The developers who already have an early release of either product, or who want to start […]