Month: June 2014

  • Accessing Reader’s configuration from command line and in batch mode

    All SpringCard PC/SC Readers feature a set of Configuration Registers that allow to alter the Reader behaviour to match a particular hardware setup or end-user requirement. Editing the configuration is easy thanks to MultiConf, the new versatile configuration tool that covers all SpringCard products. But MultiConf is a GUI-application. When it comes to configuring numerous […]

  • Introducing the new FunkyGate-IP NFC

    SpringCard‘s technical team is proud to announce the launch of a new generation of contactless readers for high-end access control applications, the FunkyGate NFC family. Using the same shell as previous generation’s FunkyGate-DW (Dataclock, Wiegand and RS485 interfaces) and FunkyGate-SU (RS232 and USB interfaces), the FunkyGate NFC family introduces a brand-new member, the FunkyGate-IP NFC. […]