• Using NXP RFIDDiscover with SpringCard PC/SC Couplers

    RFIDDiscover (formerly MifareDiscover) is a GUI software provided by NXP to help the developers explore the features of their contactless cards (Mifare, Desfire, NTAG and ICode) and learn how-to use them from a real application. This software is available to customers under NDA with NXP, through the DocStore document delivery platform (ref. SW1866). This article […]

  • Using NXP TapLinx SDK with SpringCard PC/SC couplers

    NXP TapLinx SDK (formerly Mifare SDK) is an high-level sofware library provided by NXP to work with their Mifare, Desfire, NTAG and ICode products. Written in Java, the TapLinx library has been initially developed for Android, running over Android’s NfcAdapter object to communicate with the contactless cards or NFC tags through the tablet’s or smartphone’s […]