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My SpringCard PC/SC reader doesn't seem to work at all on Windows. What should I do?

First thing to do is to install it properly and check that the “Smart Card” service is up and running. This is explained on our PC/SC installation guide. Now, if this doesn't solve your problem, please consult the Windows PC/SC troubleshooting page on our blog.

Where can I find a substitute for Hyper Terminal?

You can download Putty, this is a good substitute for the Hyper Terminal.

How can I know for sure that my PC/SC reader is properly installed on Windows?

Put a card on the reader, and use our PC/SC Diagnostic tool (from the "Quickstart for PC/SC" package, on our main website) to send "FFCA000000" : the card should answer its serial number, proving that you can communicate with it.

Please visit the blog of our R&D Team: it contains a lot of additional information.
If you haven't found an answer to your question in this FAQ, nor in the blog, nor in the documentation of your SpringCard product, you can contact our support team.