Month: July 2014

  • Reading and writing data in a Mifare UltraLight Card, with a Prox’N’Roll

    DOWNLOAD AND READ THE DOCUMENTATIONS First thing to do is to obtain the documentation of the card from the manufacturer (NXP in this case) and the Prox’N’Roll developer’s reference manual. From the card’s functional specifications, we can see that the memory is structured in 16 pages of 4 bytes. The four first pages (0-3) contain […]

  • PC/SC Troubleshooting on Windows

    Following our PC/SC installation guide on Windows, you’ve installed the appropriate driver, and made sure the “Smart Card” service is running on your Windows computer. But still, your PC/SC reader doens’t appear on PC/SC Diagnostic. Please first check in your device manager that your SpringCard PC/SC reader is properly installed (it should appear under Smart […]