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Using SCardControl under Linux and from a Java program

SCardControl is the PC/SC function that makes it possible for the application to invoke ‘proprietary’ functions, implemented either in the PC/SC reader itself (CSB6, Prox’N’Roll PC/SC, EasyFinger or CrazyWriter) , or in its driver running on the PC, or in the PC/SC middleware. The prototype is: … Continue reading

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CSB6 Family : Firmware Upgrade Procedure

SpringCard CSB6 Family is a group of contactless smartcard readers, offering various functions and three different operating modes : PC/SC (CCID), Legacy (virtual communication port), RFID scanner (keyboard emulation). All these products share a common hardware platform, based on the same … Continue reading

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Changing Prox’N’Roll firmware mode

If you’ve flashed a Prox’N’Roll RFID Scanner with a PC/SC firmware, or vice-versa a Prox’N’Roll PC/SC with a RFID Scanner firmware, the device will not run as expected until the firmware has been correctly configured. Until so, the firmware is … Continue reading

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