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RFID -  Radio-frequency identification. This is the general name for any system using radio waves for M2M communication (machine to machine, in our case PCD/VCD to PICC/VICC).
- Synonyms: RFID reader, RFID basestation, basestation
RS-232 -  RS-232 is a standard for serial binary data interconnection between a DTE (Data terminal equipment) and a DCE (Data communication equipment). It is commonly used in computer serial ports. The RS-232 standard defines the voltage ±12 V levels that correspond to logical one and logical zero levels.
- Synonyms: I²C
RS-485 -  RS-485 is an OSI Model physical layer electrical specification of a two-wire, half-duplex, multipoint serial connection. The standard specifies a differential form of signalling.
- Synonyms: I²C
RSA -  Rivest-Shamir-Adleman. The most widely used public key encryption algorithm, named after its creators. Also the name of the company who manages the PKSC standards.
- Synonyms: I²C