How to configure a Prox’N’Roll RFID Scanner HSP?

First step, download and install our tool called MultiConf from here:

When the program is installed, launch it and create a new projet :


Create a new project


On the next screen, select “Prox’n’roll RFID Scanner HSP (2016)” in the “RFID Scanners” family:


Select a Prox'n'roll RFID Scanner HSP (2016)


In left side of the program, select the “Keyboard emulation” section and set the “Keyboard Layout” as you need:


Keyboard emulation


Last step, configure how to render data according to the kind of tag you use:


Set templates options


Final step, write configuration into the reader :


Send configuration into reader


Plug you reader, select it and click on “Ok“:


Final step


You’re done!


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